Could our dreams be coded messages?

Last night I had a dream. As soon as I woke up from the dream I took my dream journal and pen, which is always on my bed-side table, and jotted down the dream. I have recently learned dream analysis and was excited to work on this dream and excavate the message…

I just finished the analysis and oh gosh my jaw is on the floor and I still have goosebumps!

Ok are you waiting to hear the dream? Here it goes:

In my dream, I saw Sophie and Gracie (my dog and cat respectively) were playing in the garden and I was watching them from the window inside. Suddenly I noticed a layer of soil fell off and huge horizontal crack appeared from beneath my garden bed. Imagine layers of a lasagna, the top one is my garden bed, then you pull of the second layer and from the observer view you can see the empty space between the first layer and third layer, it was what it looked like. Sophie like all dogs dig holes in the garden so it wasn’t a panicky situation. Ryan (my husband) and I went out to see what happened and we noticed it’s a HUGE crack and by no means it can be Sophie’s digging alone! The crack is a very long horizontal one. We could see underneath our garden bed for its whole width and it’s a very wide lush garden. It was autumn and trees were dropping their leaves. It was a gorgeous view. Looking through the crack, I saw the root system of an old tree deeply rooted in the ground and a section of it is visible due to the horizontal land slide. I saw fertile, humid and porous soil profile, and a lot of dead leaves. It was beautiful and alive. Then I saw an animal there, inside the crack! At first I thought it’s a wild animal but then it moved and I saw it’s a big relaxed dog. Then suddenly I saw a lot of dogs. Not wild dogs, pet dogs. Mostly with their owners who brought them for walk. They were coming from the nearby park to this crack under my garden bed and it was so natural to them, then they were coming out of the crack and continue their walk on my drive way! It was so natural to them but I was panicked. I was perplexed why they don’t see the crack? Why they don’t realize this is a private property? Why are they walking in my drive way like it’s a park? I was telling Ryan we should put a sign here to show it’s a private property and they shall not pass through here. Then I saw one of my old girl friends who lives in another part of the world, appeared on my drive way through the crack! She was very bright and cheerful and it filled my heart with light. Then I woke up.

Strange dream, isn’t it?  Are you ready to hear the decoded version of my dream and its messages to me?

“Mrs. Aria you gotta be playful, carefree and present. It’s in playfulness and stress-free, joyful exploration of unknown grounds that exhilarating things might happen. Don’t be cautious! There is a huge, unfathomable, alive and fertile depth within you which is apparently hidden. Don’t be scared to be playful and mess around. Scratch the surface and be open to witness the infinite, alive, fertile depth of your own beingness! Stay connected to your core truth and be rooted in your integrity. This is what grounds you and give you strength and humility as well as an unshakable quality. Your root system is invisible on the surface but is deeply connecting you to the totality of Universe. The messages, wisdom and intuition in you is your inner soil Aria, and is porous, humid, alive and fertile. When you discover the unknown depth, everyone like to come and pass there, intuitively. Because they want to enjoy and fill themselves up.  Let go of your limiting beliefs and attachments, drop your dead leaves! When you let go of them, they will create beauty and fertile your inner soil. Mrs. Aria pay attention that nothing is personal and nothing belongs to you, NOTHING! Be generous. Don’t hold back your lush fertile soil from others. Everything is connected and NOTHING IS EVER LOST. The support you need will come to you in the most unexpected way.”

Holy cow it’s a hell of a message! I love it and it totally resonates with me. It was exactly what I needed to hear at this point of my life.

Now, I would like to ask you how do you approach your dreams? Do you discard them like useless pieces of information? Do you remember them at all? Do you think this dream analysis thing is really woo-woo?

Let me tell you dreaming is quite scientific both in terms of the process and the understanding of the psychology behind it. But it’s analysis can be controversial and subjective. The dream analysis method that I use is developed by Dr Martha Beck and is an adaptation of Carl Jung’s methodology. Dreams as symbolic messages processed in our subconscious, so I personally pay attention to my dreams and I care to decode the messages.

If you keep a dream journal and are interested in decoding your dreams, reach out. I am offering free dream analysis sessions for the first ten persons who reach out until 15th of July.

Loads of Love



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