Instructions for getting out of the abyss

I see you stuck there at the bottom of the abyss, looking up seeing a fading flicker of light passing through from the top, somewhere way up… Thinking how far are you from your dreams? How come you ended up here? You supposed to be up there bathing in the sun and now…

I feel you…It sucks… I have been stuck there for a while but finally I found my way out. I know you are slowly dying here so please hear me. There is nothing magical going to happen that suddenly ascend you one day! I am sorry but please throw away all those kinds of dreams. Let’s get Real. Nothing is going to happen if YOU don’t take charge! Common sweetheart, claim your one precious life and follow this instruction as a guide:

1- Please notice the abyss is not as deep as you think it is! It’s the optical illusion of your consciousness caused by immense amount of fear which make it appear this deep. To realize it for yourself get eye to eye with your worst fears and check how many of them really happened in actual life?

2- Take your time to clear your mind and claiming your power. When you made up your mind that you are not going to commit suicide or remain stuck in this abyss for life -because that would be such a pity- you have left with no choice but to get straight with your fears and tell them “I am stronger than you are because I AM” *.

3- No matter how scared you are, take a teeny tiny step in the direction of  light. You are not going to die. I promise. I am here alive as a proof of it.

If you are not sure which direction is getting you to light, take a few deep breath and check in with your physical body. When you are moving toward light you feel a little better, maybe the weight on your heart is a little lifted and a there is a little more inner space and you feel a little more peaceful despite all the mess and fear.

Well done! Now you have initiated the magic. Keep going and witness that every time you choose to take charge of your life you ascend one tiny step and you can see a little more light beaming through and you feel a little better inside. It’s the signal to assure you “keep moving you are on the right track”.

4- As you see more light shining through surrender and don’t forget to celebrate, bathe in it, cry or do whatever that soothes you … doing so make your  more receptive to light and suddenly you realize your rigidity and desire to control was a great deal of suffering which led you in this abyss! We can’t control anything or anyone, my love. Let them fly …let them go… if they are meant for you they will come back fuller and brighter. Also, don’t forget to let go of the beliefs, dreams and ideas that you have about happiness and success that doesn’t serve you anymore. The liberation it brings is equal to pure peace and happiness, believe me…

5- Keep going and never give up. One day, tired, bloody, sweaty and dusty you notice the magic you were waiting for has happened: You ARE bathing in sun! But not because you waited for the magic to happen but because you dared to look at your fears and take tiny steps toward light. Hallelujah…

* Fake it til make it


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