A dialogue between essential and social self

Social self: I am so overwhelmed I can’t serve my purpose anymore. I am crumbled under this dense, dark, cold, tangled useless mental and emotional clutter.

Essential self: Honey, I want you to know I am here to serve you and not to create suffering for you. A lot of times you are pissed off, ashamed and hateful because of me and it made me feel so sad. You see you just shove all sorts of crap in me, unscreened. Now I am just like a terribly messy garage on the brink of falling apart under this heavy burden. I know that’s painful for both of us. I want you to know I am longing to be your best mate. I don’t want to be the cause of your suffering. I am here to help you to navigate your life at its best. I know your intentions are pure but you are using me as a dirty secret garage to hide stuff for further investigation, later. That later never comes. There is only NOW you see?


Let’s shake hands, lets forgive each other and become best mates. We are going to made a good team. Let’s embrace a messy but whole life rather than a shiny well organized one with a dark messy tangled, dirty, secret garage. Let’s together hand in hand let go of the shit that is weighing us down and breathe together as ONE…


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